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Oh god I hope anyone I know isn’t following me on tumblr. In such a sad cornball.

I like to dance my worries away.

I gained weight over a disastrous break up. Now I’m losing so much weight over a relationship I can’t control anymore. What’s worse.

Listening to me is something so little I ask for. Understanding me is your job. Whether or not you want to.

I’m a walking disaster

I use to be the sweetest girl. Now I don’t know how to even describe the person you’ve created out of me.

It was only a dream when I thought everything we shared was infinite.

Remember when we use to hold hands everywhere we went? Remember when you’d kiss me on the forehead in public? Remember when you’d use to pull me in so close to hug me so tight, looking down at me smiling? Now we walk and talk as normal friends would. You’d yell at me like I was your annoying little sister, continuously calling me a “dumb ass”. Was I only in a dream or fantasy of what I thought we had? I’m so mind fucked.

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